Scott Stapp performs at Pittsburgh's Altar Bar



Scott Stapp, lead vocalist and founding member of the post-grunge band Creed performed at Pittsburgh’s Altar Bar on Wednesday night. There was a big crowd in attendance with the upstairs balcony open. A rarity for a show during the middle of the week. There were fans of all ages, from early teens to the silver-haired rockers of yesteryear. And they all enjoyed one hell of a rock show.
Touring in support of his latest album ‘Proof of Life,’ Scott Stapp and his band came out on stage and burst right into the heavy stuff with “Bullets” from Creed’s ‘Weathered’ album. Second on the set list was “Slow Suicide” from Stapp’s ‘Proof of Life.” At this point you could tell that the vast majority of the crowd had the album as they sang along and cheered throughout the song. Prior to the third song of the set, Stapp said “Let’s go back, all the way to the beginning.” The crowd again went nuts as they band started to play the rock anthem “My Own Prison,” the title track from Creed’s 1997 debut album.
Scott Stapp’s voice sounded just as good as it did back when he started Creed and he was very engaging with the audience in the small club setting. Yiannis Papadopoulos provided some amazing guitar leads and solos throughout the show, as the rest of the band put on a solid performance. All four Creed albums were represented throughout the set, as well as three tunes from Stapp’s ‘Proof of Life.’ After finishing the main set with “Arms Wide Open” and “Higher” from 1999’s ‘Human Clay,’ it was that time of the evening where the crowd would cheer for more. And more is what they got. For the encore, they were treated to “One Last Breath” followed by the closing song of the night, “My Sacrifice.”
Pittsburgh’s Altar Bar isn’t known for having much as far as lighting goes. But they must have given it all they’ve got at this show. The lights were just fine. And the sound is always top notch. Check out the photos from the show below.


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