Suicide SilencePA Music News Podcast EP 6 : Suicide Silence

Friday March 6th 2015, heavy metal giants Suicide Silence made a stop in Pittsburgh’s historic strip district at Altar Bar. Suicide Silence is currently out on tour with Emmure, Within the Ruins, and Fit for an Autopsy. In front of a sold out venue Suicide Silence did exactly what they have done each and every time I’ve seen them, and that is blow the roof off the building with intense in your face metal.

With the passing of Mitch Lucker in late 2012, the band as well as their diehard fans were left to wonder what would become of Suicide Silence after such a tragedy. The band would ultimately face a tough decision. In honor of Mitch let the band remain what it was and not continue on, or completely rebuild, move forward with a new singer and reclaim their top spot in the heavy metal world. If you follow Suicide Silence you already know the outcome to that question.

In what I would describe as one of the biggest comebacks in the metal world, Suicide Silence picked up All Shall Perish front man Eddie Hermida in late 2013 and hit the studio to record what would eventually be “You Can’t Stop Me”. “You Can’t Stop Me” were the last words Mitch wrote as lyrics before his untimely passing. If you take those words and apply them to where the band is currently at today, it’s pretty surreal. Those 4 words exactly describe Suicide Silence, nobody will stop them from being at the top of their game, the metal world, or anything else for that matter. We had a chance to catch up with guitar player Mark Heylmun for an interview before their set at Altar Bar. We talked about Mitch’s passing, moving forward with Eddie, and future plans for the band.  Listen to the podcast above! Thanks for reading!

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